Current Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Invitation to Bid on Proposal for Sevier County School System's Single Sign-On Solution

Download Full Bid Specifications (PDF)

Availability of Proposal

Bid specifications are available to the public for the use of submitting a proposal.

Bid specifications may be obtained from the following:
Sevier County Board of Education
226 Cedar Street
Sevierville, TN 37862

Submitting of Bids

  • Bids will be received in the Sevier County Superintendent's Office until 10:00am ET on June 1, 2018.
  • Each proposal must contain ONE (1) copy of the bid with original signature of a company executive that is
  • responsible for the proposal.

Proposal Requirements

  • Bids must be received before the time and date specified in provision (2a). Any bids received after the specified time will be rejected and will not be opened.
  • Each bid must be in a sealed envelope and clearly marked on the outside with the following information:
    • The submitting company's full corporate name, address and telephone number
  • All prices and notations must be in ink or typewritten. No erasures permitted. Mistakes may be crossed out and corrections typed adjacent and must be initialed and dated in ink by person signing the quotation.
  • Bids may not be altered during or after the bid proposal openings.
  • Any failure on the part of the bidding company to understand, evaluate, or comprehend the bid specifications will not be considered the fault of the Sevier County School System (SCSS). Any omission from the bid proposal submitted by the vendor will be considered the fault of the bidding company.
  • The superintendent's office will provide a bid summary to the bidders upon request.
  • All proposals must meet or exceed the request.
  • The school system will not be held responsible for any expenses incurred by the bidding company in submitting a proposal or delivering a proposal or any other action associated with providing the school system the opportunity to purchase a product from the vendor.
  • There is ONE (1) item in this RFP. 
    • This item is:  Single Sign-On Solution (For Entire School District)
  • Please see the specification documentation regarding this item on the following pages.
  • The evaluation criteria will be applied to the item.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties, all submitted quotations must remain in effect for one year. If pricing remains stable and both parties agree, the ending date of the bid proposal may be extended in 12-month increments up to and not beyond July 31, 2023.
  • Pricing MUST include training options and ongoing support.


  • The school system reserves the right to reject any and/or all quotations, and to accept or reject any item thereon, and to wave technicalities.
  • The school system reserves the right to accept the bid that best meets the needs of the Sevier County School System.
  • Proposal responses will be evaluated to determine both best overall pricing and best overall bid package. Please see evaluation criteria below.
  • Failure to observe the instructions and conditions written herein will constitute grounds for rejection
  • of your bid.

Evaluation Criteria

Submitted proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:
  • Price of the eligible goods and services will be the single most heavily weighted criteria (50%)
  • Past experience with the county (10%)
  • Conformance to RFP/Proposal instructions (40%)