Board Policies 200 - Personnel

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BP 201Personnel - Goals and Objectives
BP 202Inservice and Staff Development Opportunities
BP 203Grievances
BP 204Complaints About School Personnel
BP 205Staff-Student Relations
BP 206Staff Conflict of Interest
BP 207Staff-Community Relations
BP 208Specific Job Descriptions
BP 209Personnel Records
BP 210Use of Tobacco
BP 211Drug-Free Workplace
BP 212Drug and Alcohol Testing for School bus Drivers
BP 213Certified & Non-Certified Personnel
BP 214Contracts for Certified Personnel
BP 215Qualifications and Duties of Teachers
BP 216Hiring of Personnel
BP 217Non-Tenured Certified Staff
BP 218Certified Evaluation Procedures
BP 219Separation Practices for Tenured Teachers
BP 220Certified Transfers
BP 221Separation Practices for Non-Tenured Teachers
BP 222Resignation by Certified Personnel
BP 223Retirement of Certified Personnel
BP 224Discrimination/Harassment of Employees
BP 225Personnel Health - Examinations/Communicable Diseases
BP 226Non-School Employment for Certified Personnel
BP 228Emergency and Legal Leave
BP 229Sick Leave
BP 230Personal, Professional, and Bereavement Leave
BP 231Long-Term Leaves of Absences
BP 232Military Leave
BP 233Legislative Leave
BP 234Family and Medical Leave
BP 235Substitute Teachers
BP 236Ethics
BP 237Probation Period for Non-Certified Personnel
BP 238Suspension and Dismissal of Non-Certified Personnel
BP 239Compensation Guides for Non-Certified Personnel
BP 240Voluntary Termination by Non-Certified Personnel
BP 241Non-School Activities of Non-Certified Personnel
BP 242Vacations and Holidays for Non-Certified Personnel
BP 243Student Teachers and Interns
BP 244Alcohol Usage
BP 245Leave to be Deducted
BP 246Employee I.D. Cards
BP 247Comprehensive Sevier County Travel Regulations
BP 248Infectious Disease Control Program
BP 249Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Employee)
BP 250Teacher Effect Data
BP 251Guidelines for Use of Licensed Healthcare
BP 252Bus Driver Pay Schedule and Mileage for Extra Curricular Trips
BP 253Bus Driver Safety
BP 254System Owned Vehicles
BP 255School Volunteers and Chaperones