Board Policies 500 - Instructional Programs

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BP 501Instructional Goals and Objectives
BP 502Adult Education Program
BP 503Organization for Instructional Resources
BP 504Community Instructional Resources
BP 505Parental Involvement
BP 506Homework
BP 507Evaluation of Instructional Program
BP 508Controversial Materials
BP 509Test Security
BP 510Special Education
BP 511Section 504 and ADA Grievance Procedures
BP 512Curriculum Development
BP 513Textbook Selection Process
BP 514Family Life Education
BP 515Field Trips and Excursions
BP 516Snow Days
BP 517Balancing Schedules for Secondary Students
BP 518Course Failures
BP 519Network & Internet Use
BP 520Federal Statement of Comparability
BP 521Early Post-Secondary Opportunities
BP 522Children and Youth in Transition
BP 523Testing Programs
BP 524Wellness Programs
BP 525Credit Recovery Policy
BP 526Inspection of Instructional Materials by Parents or Guardians