Board Policies 700 - Business Management and Safety

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 BP 701 Business Management Goals and Objectives
 BP 702 Building and Grounds Management
 BP 703 Safety Policy:  Safety Responsibilities
 BP 704 Safety Policy:  Safety Inspections & Accident Investigations
 BP 705 Safety Policy:  Reporting of Accidents and Unsafe Conditions
 BP 706 Safety Policy:  Personal Protective Equipment
 BP 707 Respirator Program
 BP 708 Safety Policy:  Employment Practices Pertaining to Workers' Compensation
 BP 709 Safety Policy:  Workers' Compensation Pay
 BP 710 Safety Policy:  Medical Panel
 BP 711 Safety Policy:  Penalty for Failure to Use Protective Equipment
 BP 712 Community Use of School Facilities
 BP 712a Facilities Usage Agreement for ETSU
 BP 713 Use of School or System Name
 BP 714 Equipment and Supplies Management
 BP 715 Food Service Management
 BP 716 Insurance
 BP 717 Faculty Sponsored Summer Programs, Camps, and Other Programs Non-School  Sponsored
 BP 718 Registered Sex Offenders
 BP 719 Security
 BP 720 Energy Conservation Procedures