Disability Benefits

Long Term Disability

Long-term disability (LTD) coverage is provided at no cost to employees by the School System.

Short-Term Disability

Sevier County Schools offers voluntary short-term disability policies through payroll deduction.

Janice Clark
2240 Gibson Hollow Road
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Mike Tanner
Phone: 865-558-6816 ext. 103

Life Insurance

The Sevier County School System provides a $10,000 life insurance policy to all full-time employees. This benefit is reduced to 50% at age 75 and to 30% at age 80. Employees may purchase policies for a spouse and children, and/or purchase additional amounts of coverage beyond $10,000. For more information, contact Ownby Insurance at 865-453-1414.

Tax Sheltered Annuities

You may increase your financial security at retirement if you wish to participate in a tax-sheltered annuity program. Through this program you contribute a percentage of your income on a pre-tax basis. You determine which provider to use and how to invest your contributions. Please note that funds invested in these programs are subject to loss, and any such loss is not the responsibility of the School System. The School System does not sponsor these programs and offers them through payroll deduction only as a convenience to you. The School System does not endorse or make any representations in regard to the companies or providers listed on the next page.

The Sevier County Board of Education School System" The Board" does not endorse or make any representations concerning the companies,firms,or individuals below. Any return or loss on your investments is NOT the responsibility of the Board. The Board is not involved in the handling of your investment. Funds invested with any of the below is voluntary and at the risk of the investor. See below for a list of annuities for which the system offers payroll deduction.

401 (k) Deferred Compensation Program

The State of Tennessee 401 (k) Deferred Compensation Program is a supplemental retirement savings program that is designed to work with the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) plan to help employees prepare for retirement.  See the 401 (k) Program Features and Highlights Guide for more information.

Retire Ready TN
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