Parents & Students

Parents and Students

The Sevier County School System recognizes that you are the most influential contributor to your child's education and development. It is our hope that you will join your child and your child's teacher to ensure that he/she receives the bet education possible. We believe that successful learning is achieved through strong connections with parents and the community. Productive communication between the home and the school helps to ensure a good learning experience for all students. 

You are encouraged to become involved in your child's school. We urge you to become familiar with the curriculum and get to know the teachers and staff at your school. As a team, we provide a powerful support system for each child.


School Hours

Due to transportation issues, school opening and closing times vary. Please refer to each school's handbook regarding school hours.

Breakfast & Lunch

Sign up for a free MyPaymentsPlus account to have 24/7 access to cafeteria balances, purchase history, prepayments for meals, auto-pay capability, and low balance email reminders. The lunch menu is on a six week rotating cycle.

Grade Level K-5

Breakfast:  $1.75
Lunch:  $2.45

Grade Level 6-8

Breakfast:  $1.75
Lunch:  $2.55

Grade Level 9-12

Breakfast:  $1.80
Lunch:  $2.70


Please contact the Bus Garage at 865-453-3568 for additional information concerning bus routes and times.

School Closings & Delays

When a decision is made for school closing, a delay or early dismissal, a notice will be posted on the district's home page. Parents can can sign up at their child's school to receive phone notifications through our Parent Link service. Information is also available from local radio and television stations.

Family Vacations

The Sevier County Board of Education recognizes that families may request a vacation during the school year. Parents should make such requests directly to the school principal. The Board allows the principal to approve one family vacation per year for a student for up to five days. If more than five days are requested, the principal will refer the request to the Central Office with a recommendation for approval. If any request is not approved, the parents may appeal the decision to the Superintendent's hearing officer. Please refer to Board Policy 621 for more information.

2018-2019 Six-Week Grading Period Ending Dates

September 24, 2018

November 5, 2018

December 21, 2018

February 22, 2019

April 16, 2019

May 31, 2019

Dates are subject to change due to inclement weather.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled after each grading period. Please contact the individual schools for the conference schedule.

2018-2019 Grade Card Distribution Dates

October 2, 2018

November 15, 2018

January 15, 2019

March 4, 2019

April 24, 2019

May 31, 2019

Dates are subject to change due to inclement weather.

Elementary Grading Scale

A = 95-100 

A- = 93-94 

B+ = 90-92

B = 85-89  

C+ = 83-84

C = 75-82  

C- = 73-74

D = 70-72 

F = Less Than 70

High School Grading Scale

A (4.0) = 93-100

B (3.0) = 85-92  

C (2.0) = 75-84  

D (1.0) = 70-74  

F (0.0) =  0-69