School Support Organizations

School Support Organizations
Charles Cagle and Joe Ballard, attorneys with Lewis, King, Kreig & Waldroup, P.C. prepared the attached information for school systems to assist in registering with the state of Tennessee to be a school support organization. 
This must be done in order for your organization to be in compliance with the TCA 49-2-206 (4) (A). The law became effective July 1, 2008. Please notify our office when you have completed the process, so that we can list your organization on our website as an approved organization.
  1. Application for EIN with IRS necessary for opening organization's bank account.
  2. Charter and by-laws for non-profit organization.
  3. Exemption of non-profit charter filing fee.
  4. School Support Organization Manual published by State Comptroller's Office.
  5. Tennessee State Sales Tax Exemption
The amended law does not require a school support organization to become a 501 (c) (3) entity pursuant to IRS requirements and that filing information is not part of this package. For certain organizations the benefits of being a 501 (c) (3) organization entity is important to enable donors to receive credit for tax deductible donations and also for sales tax exemption. This information can be found at Please send confirmation of completion to Karen King, Director of Finance.

Approved Sevier County School System School Support Organizations

Caton's Chapel Community Club, Inc. approved 11/3/08 
Friends of the Trula Lawson Center, Inc. approved 8/28/08 
Gatlinburg Pittman Girls Soccer Boosters Club, Inc. approved 11/28/08
Gatlinburg Pittman Boys Soccer Boosters Club, Inc. approved 11/19/08
Gatlinburg Pittman Baseball Boosters Club, Inc. approved 9/10/08 
New Center School Parent Advisory Council, Inc. approved 8/26/08
Northview Academy Athletic Boosters approved 5/2/2013 
Northview Elementary School PTO, Inc. approved
Northview Elementary PTO, Inc.  Other Charter  approved 09/03/08
Northview Intermediate School PTSO approved 09/25/08
Pigeon Forge Primary PTO approved 8/15/08
Pigeon Forge Middle School PTO approved 09/08/08
Pigeon Forge High School Band Boosters, approved 09/21/01 
Pigeon Forge High School PTO approved 10/22/08 
Pigeon Forge Touchdown Club approved 12/15/03 
Pittman Center School Parent Teacher Organization approved 09/09/08 
Sevier County High School Football Boosters approved 08/07/08
Sevier County High School Band Boosters, approved 10/03/08
Sevier County High School Tip Off Club, Inc. approved 05/15/06
Sevierville Intermediate School PTO approved 09/23/08 
Sevierville Middle School PTO, Inc. approved 09/24/08
Sevierville Primary School PTO, Inc. approved 4/01/10
Seymour Intermediate Parent Support Group, Inc. approved 09/09/08 
Seymour High School Choral Booster Club approved 09/18/08 
Wearwood Elementary School Support Group approved 09/17/08