Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning

As teachers, we are responsible for providing quality service each day to our students. Thank you for your commitment to excellence. Many links on this page are provided to take you to information and resources that can help you in your classroom. Other links provided here will also assist you in your role as a professional educator in the Sevier County School System. 


Tennessee Teaching License Information

Always check the most current process for applying for an initial practitioner license or advancing to a professional license on the Tennessee Department of Education website.

Renew a Teacher License

A Tennessee educator license must be renewed on or before the date of expiration. Educators may apply to renew a license on September 1, one calendar year prior to the date of expiration. For example, an educator who holds a license that expires on August 31, 2017 may apply to renew this license no earlier than September 1, 2016. Please refer to Tennessee Department of Education - Renew a Teacher License page for more information.

Practitioner License

The Practitioner License is valid for three years. If an educator does not meet expectations for advancement to the Professional License, the Practitioner License may be renewed once. In order for the Practitioner License to be renewed, educators must have completed an approved educator preparation program and submitted passing scores on all required assessments. In order for the Practitioner Occupational License to be renewed, educators must have completed an approved educator preparation program and submit proof of current industry certification, where required by teacher endorsement areas.

Professional License

The Professional License is valid for six years. In order to renew the Professional License, educators must earn 60 Professional Development Points (PDPs). In order to renew the Professional Occupational License, educators must also submit proof of current industry certification, where required by teacher endorsement areas.


On July 1, the Tennessee Department of Education officially transitioned to the TNCompass licensure system. Beginning August 1, 2016 they will no longer accept paper applications for licensure transactions with the exceptions of applications from candidates applying based on out-of-state credentials, permits, and waivers. Any paper applications received after July 31, 2016 will result in a deficiency, and the applicant will be notified that the transaction must be completed using the TNCompass licensure system.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to process the necessary paperwork and complete requirements for licensure advancement and/or renewal. Teachers should review his or her license(s) periodically to determine the date(s) of expiration. Teachers must be timely in submitting the necessary paperwork to the Tennessee Department of Education’s Office of Educator Licensing. Teachers may create an account by registering on the TNCompass website

Questions about license advancement and/or renewal should be sent by email to Dr. Debra Cline at debracline@sevier.org

The Tennessee Department of Education provides necessary information about licensing processes at Tennessee Department of Education Educator Licensing.

Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM) Resources

All certified educators will receive annual evaluations as required under Tennessee's First to the Top Act. The state's evaluation system includes multiple measures for looking at performance and will provide a way to individualize both support and recognition for educators. Visit the Tennessee Department of Education Teacher Evaluation page for the latest information available.

Programs for Teachers

There are two programs available to facilitate post-secondary educational opportunities for State employees and their dependents, as well as dependents of public school teachers: fee waiver for State employees and fee discount for children of State employees and public school teachers.