• Recent vaping-related deaths across the United States and the spread and convenience of smaller vaping devices have made vaping a topic on the minds of many parents. Vaping can be defined as inhaling and exhaling of an aerosol product from an e-cigarette or like device. Often mistaken for harmless water vapor, e-liquid is actually a mixture of chemicals that is intended to deliver nicotine or other drugs and toxic particles in a variety of flavors. The resulting vapor produces a host of physical effects and poses numerous health risks.

Plain Talk About Vaping: Critical Information for Parents

  • The popularity and prevalence of vaping has exploded in recent years.

  • Many types of vaping devices exist in an increasing variety of sizes and styles, making them hard for parents and teachers to detect.

  • The contents of the chemicals in vaping devices vary widely.

  • The negative health effects of vaping for teens are numerous and still not fully understood.

  • What can parents do to prevent their children from falling prey to vaping?

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