Tentative Reopening Plans for the 2020-2021 School Year

  • There is a great deal of concern surrounding what reopening school will look like this fall as our community begins to contemplate continuing the educational process.  Like all parents, we here at the Sevier County School System hold the welfare and happiness of our students paramount, and it is this priority that informs our decision making.  We have recently begun allowing students to practice sports again under CDC, state, and TSSAA guidelines in preparation for fall athletic seasons.  With social distancing, limited group sizes, and rigorous sanitation occurring at utilized facilities, resuming sports practices serves as a sort of preview of the school reopening process as a whole.  This small step represents an effort to begin to return a sense of normalcy to students and to create optimism toward the coming fall and all the events that our community holds dear.  What these milestones will look like and how quickly they can begin will be guided by expert medical advice which will inform government guidelines that are handed down to us.

    Likewise, guidance from state and medical authorities will drive decisions on how classroom instruction will look.  Requirements for school day length and total time in the classroom are set by the Tennessee General Assembly and State Board of Education, and we are legally bound to adhere to their mandates.  School system administrators are considering many options, and Dr. Parton and his leadership team are working daily to adapt local resources and circumstances to these ends.   The state of current medical and scientific advice in the fall and the CDC’s phased reopening will inform decision-making.  The format our school days assume this fall will be dependent on the CDC’s selected phase of reopening at that time.

    Please know that the proposals outlined in this document are subject to revision based on new information and governmental guidance.  We encourage you to visit this page frequently to view updates.  Though we cannot say with 100% certainty what a school day in August will look like at this point, we are working hard every day to collect the best information from sources around the country, exploring all the available options, and listening carefully to advice from the members of all of our school communities.  We all have a stake in the educational process here in Sevier County and want the best for our children.

Reopening Phases

  • Phase 4: No Risk of Community Transmission of COVID-19

  • Phase 3: Risk of Spreading COVID-19 Is Minimal

  • Phase 2: Risk of Spreading COVID-19 Is Moderate

  • Phase 1: Risk of Spreading COVID-19 Is Significant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will schools in Sevier County reopen this fall?

  • Will there be any changes to the length of the school day or the school calendar?

  • Will school bus routes continue to function as they have in the past?

  • What steps will be taken to ensure my child’s safety when school begins?

  • How will personal hygiene and cleaning of facilities be addressed?

  • How will meal service be affected by new reopening guidelines?

  • Will my child be screened for symptoms when he or she goes to school?

  • Will my child be required to wear a mask?

  • Will extracurricular activities take place as normal?

  • What distance/online options are available for my medically fragile child?

  • Who should I contact for additional questions or information?

Sevier County Schools Reopening Survey

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    We encourage you to visit this page frequently to view updates regarding the reopening of schools.

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