• 9th Grade Supply List



    Individual Student Supplies

    ·        Loose leaf notebook paper

    ·        Earbuds or headphones with wires to connect to Chromebooks (NOT wireless)

    ·        Colored pencils, crayons, and/or markers

    ·        Pencils

    ·        A classroom set of TI 83 calculators will be provided for student use during math. Students whose parents sign a usage agreement may check out a TI 83 from the school library for use at home.


     A specific teacher may request the following items for use in his/her individual classroom once school starts:

    ·        Highlighters

    ·        Pens

    ·        Colored pencils

    ·        1-2 2 inch binders

    ·        1-2 3 inch binders

    ·        2-3 packs of dividers

    ·        Protractor & compass for Honors Geometry students


    Classroom supplies                                                                                                                                          

    The following items should be returned to the homeroom teacher:

    ·        3-4 packs of pencils

    ·        1-2 boxes of tissues

    ·        1-2 rolls paper towels

    ·        Hand sanitizer

    ·        Disinfecting wipes or spray (i.e. Clorox or Lysol)

    ·        400 index cards


    Additional classroom items that would be greatly appreciated:

    ·        Fine point sharpies

    ·        Extra loose leaf notebook paper

    ·        Dry erase markers

    ·        Post it notes (any size or color)

    ·       $25 donation for additional supplies and technology