• Per the Tennessee State Board of Education and Continuous Learning Plan Policy, the Sevier County School System will track and report daily attendance.  Remote learning students are expected to adhere to the same district attendance policy as onsite students.

    Attendance for students selecting remote learning will be taken by the teacher(s) daily through verification of the daily attendance log, ClassLink logs, verbal and/or written communications with teachers and assignment submission.  Absences during remote instruction will be noted, and any resulting attendance interventions administered, according to the School Board Attendance Policy. Teachers shall seek and receive daily visual, verbal, and/or written verification of student participation in instructional time. Attendance expectation accountability includes the following:

    • Learning Activity log (completed and submitted by student)
    • Teacher contact with the student 
    • Teacher contact with a parent or guardian
    • Remote instruction attendance log through ClassLink
    • Student work completion through online learning platform

    A copy of the Sevier County School System attendance policy (BP602) can be reviewed here.