Time and Learning Requirements

  • Tennessee State Board Policy 3.210 provides clear guidelines on the time on task requirements for each grade level should a school be closed, on a modified schedule, operating with a reduced capacity, or permitting students to participate in remote instruction due to COVID-19 related reasons. Under this policy and the district’s continued efforts to stockpile thirteen school days for inclement weather, the school district is required to provide students in grades kindergarten (K) through twelve (12) access to seven (7) hours of instructional time each school day.  In order to meet the state’s requirements for academic instructional time, your student should complete the minimum hours of school each week.  

    The amount of time a student spends completing assigned course work will vary from student to student, and even course to course.  Absences during remote instruction will be noted, and any resulting attendance interventions administered, according to the School Board Attendance Policy.