Assessment and Grading

  • Expectations in terms of attendance, grading, and accountability will be the same for remote learning students as those on campus.Teachers will provide a variety of assessments to determine student mastery of the course content. These assessments may look different – discussion-based assessments, essays, project based, and even onsite traditional tests. Grading scales will be applied as approved by the Sevier County Board of Education for elementary (BP630A) and high school students (BP619 and BP630).

    K-2 students’ grades are not on a traditional A - F scale, but instead reflect a level of mastery for each grade level standard. Grading for K-2 will be assessed and monitored using a standards-based skills rubric. Final grades for each grading period will indicate progress towards mastery of the skill and/or standard. During the school year, K-2 students may be required to attend school on scheduled days for assessment purposes.

Report Cards

  • Students will continue to receive academic reports of their progress at the conclusion of each six-week instructional period. Report cards will be forwarded to parents.