State Exams

  • Online students will still be expected to take all state exams associated with their grade level or chosen course work. All state exams will be taken on campus at times scheduled by the school within the required testing windows. State exams include TCAP and End of Course examinations (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, English 1, English 2, Biology 1, and US History). EOC exams will be administered in person at a designated testing location. The 2020-21 testing calendar can be viewed at here.

ACT (High School Only

  • It is a Tennessee requirement that all juniors (11th grade) take the ACT at school or provide proof that they have already taken the ACT. The ACT is a state test and administration protocols are set forth by the producers of the test. The state of Tennessee provides a senior make-up day the year following the junior ACT; however, that opportunity is not guaranteed to be provided to students and is dependent upon the State Department of Education.