Remote Learning Contract

  • For the 2020-21 school year, Sevier County School families may choose to participate in a remote learning option. As all students are expected to maintain sufficient academic progress, this contract outlines the requirements and expectations for participation in remote learning. This contract also serves as an agreement between the parents/student and the school system to conduct the program within the listed guidelines. Failure to comply with these guidelines or to make adequate academic progress within them can result in a placement review and potential truancy proceedings. While Sevier County Schools wants to provide parents/students with the flexibility of choosing such a remote learning option, we must also ensure that those same parents/students understand and agree to the obligations that come with that remote learning path.


    • Attendance at a school enrollment and orientation meeting in which the details and requirements of the remote learning program have been discussed
    • An understanding of the program’s technical requirements to ensure student access to equipment, internet connectivity, and user skill set for appropriate participation

    Ongoing Requirements:

    • Parents agree to ensure daily contact between the student and his or her assigned teacher with additional time utilized as needed
    • Parents agree to ensure student maintains appropriate work hours per day (7) given curricular requirements
    • Parents agree to make students accessible for required state testing either in small groups with physical supervision by other prearranged means
    • Parents agree to assist students in submitting required daily logs to demonstrate work completion and to prevent absences
    • Students who do not log or submit work on a given school day will be considered absent, and documentation from parents will be required to prevent unexcused absences and the pursuit of truancy proceedings per system policy and state law
    • Parents agree to review periodic progress reports and engage with teacher and administrators as needed to discuss progress and correct issues.

    Printable Remote Learning Contract