• 3 Steps to Know/learn more tn

1. Find your student's "unique access code" or "USID"

  • TCAP InstructionsFind your student's "unique access code" or "USID" on the bottom right-hand corner of their printed state score report.  If you do not have a score report to reference, please contact your school and ask for your student's state ID number.  You'll add two zeroes in front of that seven-digit number to create an account.  For example, a state ID 1234567 would become 001234567.

2. Visit the Family Portal

3. Log in

  • Log in to find information on your student's performance, a personalized video in your home language, questions to ask their teacher, and where they may need additional support. Use this more detailed information to partner with your student's teacher at the beginning of the school year.