Leo Club

  • Sponsor/Coach: Katie Smith

    Mission/Purpose: To encourage students to take leadership roles within the school and community by completing service projects each month. 

    Financial Obligation: $10/year 

    Meeting/Practice/Game Schedule: First Wednesday of Each Month, 9:30-9:40 AM, after school to complete projects

    LEO Club is a youth organization of Lions Clubs International, which in its own existence seeks to serve people in need with special emphasis and focus on children, and while different clubs around the world dedicate their efforts to diverse underprivileged segments and developmental aspects, each and every club shares the same vision and passion to service.

    Though LEO Club members, who are called LEOs, come from a substantially sundry background, they adamantly share universal bylaws and follow similar meeting, fundraising, and project leading patterns. Politics and religion, while extensively accepted and respected, are exempted from LEO Clubs worldwide, as members are drawn together without perception to one's origin, religion, or personal beliefs.

    As much as we would like to share with you everything about LEO Club, it is virtually impossible to describe the enormous, heartening, and inspirational LEO spirit, but you can read more interesting information and facts about the LEO movement by choosing from the menu tabs on your left... ENJOY!