Club Green Activities

  • Club Green What is Club Green?

    WHO: Club Green is an environmentally conscious, service-based, after school club geared toward 6th-8th grades. 

    WHAT: We have 2 major project focuses, allowing students to participate in a variety of activities. Students may participate in any or all of these programs. 

    WHEN: Committees will meet after school about once per month on a day of the week that works best for those signed up for the committee.

    WHERE: Students will meet here at PBP, the exact location depending on the activity--gazebo, playground, cafeteria.

    COST: There is no fee to join. 

    HOW: Students should check the Club Green Board by the cafeteria, the Club Green Classrooms Page, & listen to announcements for activity dates & times. In-School meetings will also be offered once per week during Mountaineer Time for students able to choose elective options.

    Committee Descriptions

    Recycling Committee: 

    • Assist with the collection of recycled bottles & transportation to the recycling center
    • Assess current efforts and change or add to efforts as necessary
    • Create an advertising plan to help generate participation for recycling efforts
    • Special Project: Decorate & Mod Podge the old recycling bins for a new use!

    Sensory Garden Committee:

    • Help prepare plots for planting
    • Plant, weed, and harvest plants (this year: herbs, corn bead plants, potatoes, sunflowers, and butterfly flowers)
    • Make labels/signs for classrooms to use these beds for educational purposes
Student help maintain a tree
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