• Student Expectations and Student Responsibilities

    Student Expectations

    Each student is expected to:

    1. Show social skills which help them get along with others;
    2. Make good decisions;
    3. Have appropriate relationships with students and staff;
    4. Do good things in their community;
    5. Work well with other students and staff members.

    Student Responsibilities

    Each student is responsible to:

    1. Know and follow reasonable rules made by the Board and School Administration;
    2. Respect the worth of every person;
    3. Tell the truth an dkeep clean language, written and spoken;
    4. Study and keep passing grades;
    5. Be at school and on time;
    6. Dress and groom in a healthy and clean way which follows the current dress code;
    7. Be careful when using school facilities and respect school and private property;
    8. Don't behave in a way that hurts anyone or anything at school;
    9. Respect the authority of all school staff;
    10. Obey the law and school rules about alcohol, illegal drugs, and any unapproved substances or materials.