• Current Scholarships

    *Listed in deadline date order*

    **Download the Scholarship Resource Sheet**

    ***2018-2019 Sevier County Schools Scholarship Opportunity Guide***

    Click on the RAISE ME link to create your portfolio account and earn scholarship dollars.

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    Click on the GOING MERRY link to create your account and earn scholarship dollars.


    Niswonger Foundation Scholarship (Up to $120,000)

    Seniors may apply for this highly competitive scholarship. Applications must be submitted

    with all requirements. 

    Deadline September 18, 2019


    Discover College Cover Sweepstakes Scholarship (open to anyone 16 years and older)

    Sign up for emails to get helpful college tips and resources, and enter for the chance to

    win a scholarship! Throughout the year, 12 eligible students or parents will be randomly selected

    to win a $5,000 Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award to help cover college expenses.

    Visit Discover Cover College Sweepstakes Scholarship.

    Deadline January 31, 2020


    UTK ROTC Scholarships

    Students interested in applying for Army ROTC Scholarships with the University of 

    Tennessee visit UTK ROTC for more information and to apply.

    Deadlines vary


    UNG ROTC Scholarships

    Visit ROTC Scholarships and Grants for details, qualifications, and deadlines.

    Deadlines vary


    Bethel University Scholarships

    Bethel offers several $10,000 scholarships. Scholarships vary from no ACT minimum to 23

    ACT minimum. Students interested in learning more should visit Bethel New Scholarship List

    or Bethel University to learn more.

    Deadlines vary


    Youth MicroGrant Program

    Students 18 and under to apply for funds between $250 and $1,000 to complete 

    service projects in their communities. Visit  Karma MicroGrant for information and 

    MicroGrant Application to apply.

    Deadline Varies


    Sixty Unusual Scholarships for 2017

    Visit Unusual Scholarships for additional scholarships you may be unaware of.

    Deadlines vary


    StudentScholarships.org (Updated 3/26/2019)

    Various scholarships can be found by visiting StudentScholarships.org.

    Deadlines vary


    Tennessee Student Scholarships

    Visit Unigo Tennessee and College Niche for Tennessee for scholarships specific 

    to Tennessee students.

    Deadlines vary


    Fastweb 2018 Scholarships

    Various scholarships can be found at Fastweb.


    Chegg Scholarships

    Please register and apply for scholarships you are eligible for.

    Deadlines vary


    GPHS can receive and submit transcript requests via SENDedu (if your college uses this service it will prompt you to enter a counselor email KristiCantrell@sevier.org or AudreaPotter@sevier.org) and Parchment/Docufide  (create an account with the link provided).  Both services offer secure document transfers to post-secondary institutions.  Students can also submit transcript requests in the counseling office.