• Learning about aerospace can lead to an exciting and enjoyable career.  Students will learn the history of flight and examine the dynamics of flight and design of aircrafts.  Students will be challenged to figure out a way to survive if stranded somewhere (such as the moon).  They will build their own rocket and launch it in the spring, and these are for them to keep.  The opportunities in the field of aerospace are expansive and we want students to become aware of these opportunities and the importance of education.  There will be many occasions for them to participate in activities and interact with guest speakers.  We will meet the third Wednesday of each month 3:30-4:30.  Students must have turned in a permission slip in order to stay for meetings.  The membership fee is $20 which covers a portion of the supplies needed for activities.  Shirts and field trips are extra.  We are taking the first 50 students that join.

    Sponsors:  Denise Buckner*, Suzanne Cronin, James Lanagan, & Jessica Valentine

    Have fun, learn, and come “fly” with us as we explore aerospace!