• Gatlinburg-Pittman High School embraces a tradition of excellence which fosters responsible, respectful, and academically-motivated citizens. 


  • We envision Gatlinburg-Pittman as a place where all stakeholders will work collaboratively to provide academic, vocational, and healthy lifestyle opportunities relevant to each student. Further, we will aggressively develop ethical standards, practical life skills, and personal goals to guide each student toward reaching his or her full potential as a productive member of society.


  • We believe that Gatlinburg-Pittman High School should be a place where students:

    • Enjoy a safe school environment
    • Have access to training in the latest technologies
    • Are motivated by highly-qualified teachers to reach their full potential
    • Receive quality instruction that facilitates the use of resources beyond the classroom
    • Develop confidence and positive self-concepts through the collaboration of parents, staff, peers, and community members
    • Are introduced to a variety of learning experiences that support, fulfill, and perpetuate Gatlinburg-Pittman's tradition of excellence.