Mission Statement

  • The mission of Pigeon Forge High School is to provide all students with engaging learning experiences based on relevant and rigorious curiculum, preparing them for success in both college and their careers.


  • Pigeon Forge High School is a learning community dedicated to academic excellence and student achievement where:
    Our Students:
    • Develop a vision concerning personal academic goals as well as a plan for a career path;
    • Engage in rigorous, high-quality learning activities;
    • Practice self-discipline and accountability that shows a sense of pride for their school;
    • Commit to creating a culture of respect for themselves and others while demonstrating a desire and passion for learning;
    • Communicate effectively through written and oral expression within the learning community.

    Our Teachers:

    • Model expectations of professionalism and individual accountability that support the core academic values of the learning community;
    • Project enthusiasm toward students and use a variety of instructional strategies to present information that is interactive and engaging for all students;
    • Teach students to communicate effectively and to think critically, logically, and analytically;
    • Participate in data-informed, collaborative professional learning opportunities to ensure continuous improvement in using research based teaching practices.

    Our School:

    • Provides a safe environment through consistent reinforcement of school policy:
    • Offers a diverse curriculum with opportunities for advanced academic study and enriched, practical learning experiences;
    • Communicates and builds a positive relationship with all stakeholders;
    • Incorporates technology within the curriculum, as well as offers technical support that is readily available;
    • Implements a formalized advisory program in order to meet the academic and social needs of all students.

    Our Parents and Community:

    • Collaborate with our school to provide emotional, financial, and academic support;
    • Mentor students through cooperative programs that offer career-oriented experiences;
    • Support teachers, staff, and administration and take an active role in the education of their children.

Belief Statement

  • The faculty, students, and parents of PFHS believe:

    • Attitudes of tolerance, respect, and integrity create an environment where all students and staff feel safe.
    • Appropriate learning opportunities for students of all levels, learning styles, beliefs, and backgrounds create a school culture promoting creativity, critical thinking, and the effective use of technology.
    • Students are prepared for college and today’s work force through the development of accountability and responsibility while building competence in core academic areas and career/technical education.
    • Opportunities to participate in clubs, athletics, and other extracurricular activities create a well-rounded high school experience.
    • A strong, positive relationship among school, home, and community prepares students to be productive, contributing citizens.

Honor Code

  • As members of the Pigeon Forge HIgh School community, we will always demonstrate our personal values of learning and academic integrity through our:

    • Honesty – We will never cheat or plagiarize.
    • Trust – We will exemplify integrity as students and leaders in our school and community.
    • Fairness – We will exhibit tolerance and decency to others.
    • Respect – We will always be considerate, courteous, and appreciative to both peers and adults.
    • Responsibility – We will fulfill any duty or task given to us.
    • Perseverance – We will reflect a spirit of determination and persistence when faced with challenging situations.