Progress reports in kindergarten contain a skills checklist and letter grades of (S) for Satisfactory, (N) for Needs Improvement and (U) for Unsatisfactory. Grades one (1) through four (4) report academic progress as follows:

    A    95-100 Outstanding Achievement E Excellent
    A-   93-94 Excellent S Satisfactory
    B+  90-92 Very Good N Needs Improvement
    B    85-89 Very Good Achievement U Unsatisfactory
    C+  83-84 Above Average I Incomplete
    C    75-82 Average Achievement
    C-   73-74 Below Average Achievement
    D    70-72 Poor Achievement
    F    Below 70 Unsatisfactory Achievement

    The space on the report card marked “achievement level” indicates the students’ placement within the grade is above average, average, or below average. The student’s grade reflects achievement attained at his/her level or placement. Modifications to the curriculum or grading scale may be used with students who consistently score at the below average achievement level. If modifications/interventions do not prove successful, the student will be considered for remediation, referral to Support Team (S-Team), or retention.