• girls excited to learn By second grade, your child is getting the hang of the school routine and is starting to be a more confident student. Second grade is a wonderful year of self-discovery and blossoming independence.

    Children in second grade are becoming fluent readers in chapter books.They also should be able to: read and comprehend main ideas, retell what happened in a story (including main ideas, details about characters, setting and events), self-select just-right reading materials, make independent connections to their own background knowledge, read accurately with expression fluency and rate on a second grade level.

    Kids in second grade math will learn about even and odd numbers, read and make graphs, write numbers in word and expanded form, add two and three digit numbers, subtract two and three digit numbers, know the order of addition and subtraction operations, know the addition and subtraction fact families, be exposed to multiplication, know place value to the thousands, understand money, be able to measure length, weight, and passage of time, read and solve word problems independently.

    Students are also exposed to a variety of science and social studies topics.