Fall Festival and Open House

  • teacher kisses pig Join us in the month of October to celebrate the joys of fall during our Fall Festival and Open House event. This event is always a ton of fun with plenty of activities for both students and parents to enjoy. Our PTO team and classroom teachers work hard to create a night of enjoyment for the whole family. We also look forward to seeing our families visit with us to celebrate our Open House. Teachers will be displaying students' work in the hallway for families to view.

Winter Wonderland

  • student art work Winter Wonderland is a magical time of year when the wonders of winter and Christmas fill the air. The school-wide events team works closely with our PTO to create a night of crafting, caroling, and face painting. Students also create themed works of art down the hallways to make each hall come to life. If you come to visit be sure to look for a jolly soul in a big red suit eating milk and cookies.  

Book Bop

  • second grade teachers Book Bop is an event that our school has come to really enjoy! Each year students are given their own book that they will take home and read with tier family. We provide the book, a reading calendar, in school activities, and literacy night fun. All of the teachers and students in the entire school are reading the same book!

    The benefits of reading aloud are remarkable. Studies have shown that reading to children helps them to listen better and longer, to build bigger vocabularies, to understand concepts better, to feel positive about both books and learning – and much more.

    When an entire school reads the same book, the buzz and excitement around the book augments these benefits. Reading a book together brings the added joy of building and expanding a sense of community among students, parents, teachers, and staff – and beyond. In some schools, bus drivers and custodial and cafeteria staff clamor to be included. And when a library or church or community group or commercial donor becomes involved, that sense of fostered community is exponential.