Our Mission

  • The mission of Wearwood Elementary School and Community is to create students who exhibit distinguished CHARACTER, all-around ACHIEVEMENT, and individual TALENTS to be SUCCESSFUL, academically and socially.

Our Vision

  • Through communication and collaboration with all students, staff, parents, and community members, Wearwood Elementary School faculty and staff will regularly evaluate and modify the instruction and policies to ensure the faculty and staff are using current research-based educational methods. Through a culture of mutual respect and understanding, the students will demonstrate high levels of social, emotional, and academic achievement in order to become successful, contributing, and caring citizens with a love of learning.

Our Beliefs

    • We believe in the accommodation of the cultural, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual differences of each and every student.
    • We believe in the potential success of all students and hold the highest of expectations for each one.
    • We believe in a collaborative relationship between teachers, parents, and students that help to make decisions that affect us all.
    • We believe in the maintenance of a culture that uses the input and positions of all stakeholders to allow each student to perform on the highest possible level.
    • We believe in the use of a system of constant data collection, research, and analysis to influence school wide decisions.
    • We believe in the optimization of the educational experience of each individual student by striving for excellence and expecting it at all times.
    • We believe education is a life-long learning process and all students will be given opportunities to gain necessary skills to achieve the state’s proficient level or higher.