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  • The Plaid Press

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    THE PLAID PRESS is published by students in the Journalism class at Gatlinburg-Pittman High School and does not necessarily represent the opinions of all students, teachers, or other faculty members.

    The mission of the student press of Gatlinburg-Pittman High School is:

    • To publish news, information, and opinion articles for and about student, faculty, and administrative activities, interests, and policies. 

    • To maintain high ethical standards with regard to fairness, personal and legal rights, responsibilities, and accuracy.

    • To provide a forum for free and responsible expression of student opinion and present well-balanced, locally researched coverage of issues of broader student interest.

    • To strive for a high level of competency in the technical aspects of writing including grammar, spelling, clarity, and precision.

    • To welcome diversity and to increase the scope and depth of our coverage in order to heighten mutual understanding and awareness throughout our entire school community.