• Students in elementary, intermediate, and middle school grades generally participate in all core subject areas at their appropriate grade level.

    Students in high school are scheduled in accordance with state and our school system guidelines. A four year plan that includes all scheduled courses is developed for each student, and this is revised as appropriate throughout their high school years. Sevier County requires 28 credits to graduate, and the specific number of courses per subject area may be found under the Graduation section of the Academics channel on this website. 

    Intervention for math or reading is also built into the schedule. This may be used for student in general education who warrant this intervention based on Response-To-Intervention (RTI) screenings. This intervention time may also be used for students receiving special education services as prescribed by their Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

    All Sevier County School System schools operate on the same calendar, which may be found on the school system website. Therefore, Parkway Academy is open or closed in accordance with the 2019-2020 school system calendar. 

    The same is true for the testing calendar. All students in the system participate in the appropriate state and local system testing as prescribed in the school system testing calendar.

    BELL SCHEDULE:  Parkway Academy's Bell Schedule is provided below.

    • 1st Block:  7:50 - 9:20
    • 2nd Block:  9:20 - 10:50
    • Lunch and Intervention:  10:50 - 11:50
    • 3rd Block:  11:50 - 1:20
    • 4th Block:  1:20 - 2:50