School hours are 8:00 to 3:00

    • Kindergarten students should report to the Library and will sit in a row with their class 
    • 1st grade students arriving prior to 8:00 will be seated in the back hall in a row with their class
    • 2nd through 4th graders will report to the playroom and find their teachers name on the wall and sit in a row with their class. These students should always have a book to read during bus duty time. We want to take advantage of as much academic time as possible while in school. 

    No students are allowed to go to classrooms prior to 8:00 without a teacher present. Students will be dismissed by the teacher(s) on bus duty to go to breakfast or to their classrooms. Students arriving after 8:05 will be considered tardy and an adult must walk them into the front desk or office for a tardy slip.

    Teacher supervision begins at 7:00 each morning, and no student should arrive prior to that time. Our cafeteria is at the far end of our building, and there is a lot of movement in the halls before school.  Our teachers on bus duty must manage all hallways and ensure rooms and bathrooms are safe for our students at all times.  If your child does not ride the bus, we encourage parents to use the car rider line each morning and drop their child off at the front of the school building.  Our SRO officer and/or another adult will be in the front to open the car doors and make sure your child is safely in the building.  If you must bring your child in, you will be asked to give that last hug at the “Paws Line” and from 7:00 – 8:00 an adult will be there to relay any messages or concerns to your child’s teacher. Please do not come in and wonder around the halls during the school day, it is a safety issue for our students and we want to keep them as secure as possible. The front office opens every morning at 7:30.  Please call us anytime at 865-428-3016 if you have a concern about your child.   

    In the afternoon, all car riders should be picked up through the car dismissal line. You must have a car tag displayed in your car to pick up your child. If you do not have a car tag you must come to the office with your identification. This protocol is for your childs safety. 

    Please help us to make this a positive experience at Pigeon Forge Primary.  We have our students’ safety and education in mind.

    Thank you for your support,

    Dr. Cottongim