Safe School Choice

  • Every public school shall annually notify parents that if their child is a victim of a violent crime at school, the child has the right to attend another grade-appropriate public school in the district.


  • Parents please be aware of the following laws that relate to persons on our campus:

    • Personal searches may be conducted if the principal has a reasonable suspicion that a student or visitor has in his possession drugs, drug paraphernalia, and dangerous weapons.
    • Vehicles parked on school property by students or visitors are subject to search for drugs, drug paraphernalia, or dangerous weapons.
    • A student may be subject to physical search because of the results of a locker search, or because of information received from a teacher, staff member, student, or other person, if such action is reasonable to the principal.
    • FELONY- State law prescribes a maximum penalty of six (6) years imprisonment and a fine not to exceed three thousand ($3,000.00) for carrying weapons onto school property.

    No person shall enter onto the grounds or into the buildings of any school during the hours of student instruction, except students assigned to the school, the staff of the school, parents of the students, and other persons with lawful and valid business on the school premises.

Anonymous Tip Line

  • Tip Line Decorative Image Tip Line:  865-453-0312

    A partnership between the Sevier County School System and the Sevier County Sheriff’s Department provides a tip line where callers can report thefts, weapons, bullying, drugs, and other suspicious activities and remain anonymous. Students are also encouraged to contact the principal, school counselor, or other trusted adult with issues around bullying, cyberbullying, threats of violence, or other social or emotional issues.