• Blended Learning combines the best of effective classroom practice with online learning, and establishes an environment where students can, in part, control the time, pace, and place of their learning. It is a way of educating students in which the teacher weaves both traditional, face-to-face learning with digital content and resources in a meaningful way. Allowing the classroom teacher to integrate online tools and resources to not only complement, but transform and enhance the teaching and learning process, helps to reach and teach students more effectively.

Blended Learning Academy

  • The Sevier County School System's Blended Learning Academy is a year-long district-wide collaboration of teachers that supports high-quality instruction through an embedded professional learning series. Teachers are supported with the pedagogy surrounding research-based instructional strategies and the integration of technological resources that serve to maximize student outcomes.

    There are five district-wide blended learning coaches that plan relevant content and facilitate academy days along with a summer institute. They also support the improvement and reinforcement of a blended learning environment in classrooms across the district. The goal of the Blended Learning Academy is to build internal capacity for establishing effective classroom instruction, expand the district’s teacher leader pool, and provide support for all teachers in their blended learning journey.

Academy Levels & Meeting Dates

  • Academy Level 1

  • Academy Level 2

Application Process

  • Who is eligible to apply for the Blended Learning Academy?

Blended Learning Summer Institute

  • 2019 Blended Learning Summer Institute

    The first annual Blended Learning Summer Institute for teachers and administrators employed by the Sevier County School System was held in June, 2019. We were fortunate to have Weston Kieschnick, author of Bold School, as our keynote speaker. He also provided great breakout sessions during the day for both teachers and administrators.

    Sessions for the day were divided into two tracks, one for teachers and one for administrators. Sessions for the day were facilitated by our very own Blended Learning Academy members and other teachers across our district who are effectively utilizing technology to enhance learning.