Grading Periods

  • 1st six weeks August 14th-September 24th

    2nd six weeks September 25th-November 5th

    3rd six weeks November 6th-December 20th

    4th six weeks January 7th-February 24th

    5th six weeks February 25th-April 8th

    6th six weeks April 9th-June 1st


    ** Dates are subject to change based on inclement weather or changes made by Sevier County Board of Education.

Grade Card Distribution

  • 1st six weeks October 2nd, 2019

    2nd six weeks November 14th, 2019

    3rd six weeks January 14th, 2020

    4th six weeks March 4th, 2020

    5th six weeks April 23rd, 2020

    6th six weeks June 1st. 2020

    ** Dates are subject to change based on changes made in six weeks grading periods