Words "Reminder"
  • Reminders

    For the safety of our students, parents or other visitors are required to present identification and use the main entrance to the building when visiting the school. Use the buzzer and state your name, your child’s name, and the reason for your visit (early pick-up, lunch, etc.). Report directly to the office and register with the KeepN Track visitor system. Visitors are not permitted to attend class without special permission from the principal. Due to safety issues, parents will not be allowed to walk students to class. 

    If your child is to leave school in a way that is different from the usual means, the school should be notified in writing. The bus driver will also need a pass which is obtained in the office. This includes any change in buses, someone different picking the child up, and going home with someone after school. Changes in transportation will not be accepted over the phone. A parent will be required to come into the office to make that change so that identification may be verified.

    For the safety of our students, ALL car riders (morning/afternoon) must be in the pick up/drop off line at the curb directly in front of the school.   In the afternoon, students will be sent to parent cars that are in line at the pick-up curb. Students will be supervised by car duty faculty. Due to the high volume of traffic in this area, parents should not walk students across the two lanes of moving traffic in the morning or the afternoon.  Under no circumstances will students be allowed to cross this area without being accompanied by an adult.

  • Remind

    To join Remind for updates, please go to the following websites:

    4th grade: remind.com/join/grade4syis

    5th grade: remind.com/join/grade5syis

    6th grade: remind.com/join/grade6syis


  • Eating Lunch with Student

    You must check into the office and receive a guest badge prior to entering the lunchroom. Only your student may sit with you during their designated lunchtime. No other students may sit with you and your student. Please remember that lunch schedules are subject to change throughout the year with special days/programs.


    Lunch Times

    4th Grade 10:45-11:10

    5th Grade 11:30-11:55

    6th Grade 12:10-12:35

  • Student Resources

    Gradebook Wizard

    We use Gradebook Wizard as our grade recording system. You will be given a parent sign in to check grades. Log-in information will be sent home with first progress report. Please contact shellygossett@sevier.org if you need your log-in information. 



    Classlink is a platform used by the entire county to access multiple websites that are used in the classroom, including Google Classroom, Zearn, Readworks, Quizizzs, Brainpop, ThinkCentral, IXL, etc. By signing into this platform, your student will be able to access the majority of websites they use daily. This is quick tool used by only having to sign in to one website. Your student should know their log-in information. If you have any questions, please contact your student's homeroom teacher for log-in information.