• Northview Academy Yearbook

    "The Pursuit"

    Sponsors: Kristie Wallis (kristiewallis@sevier.org), Jamey Cates, and Valerie Fox

    Mission: Our mission is to seek adventure and see the world in new ways that allow us to record those defining moments in an artifact that will survive the test of time....the yearbook. This year we will produce our 10th edition as we celebrate our school's 10 Year Anniversary! It is great time to join us!

    Meeting Times: We meet during 1st block in the Library (1st Semester) and C116 (2nd Semester) 

    Order your yearbook at www.yearbookforever.com Remember, you can get it personalized with your name and icons! The earlier you purchase your book, the best rate you will receive! Don't wait. We did sell out last year. Contact Kristie Wallis for more information at kristiewallis@sevier.org


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