• September/October  2019


    Dear seniors and parents:


    Welcome to the senior year.  In order to keep you informed throughout the year of the planning process, we will be emailing a letter every one to two months.  The next parent letter will be at the beginning of November. A monthly scholarship list will available via email, picked up in the counseling office, and once our new Seymour High website is completed we will post there as well.. The list will have a variety of scholarships, including due dates, criteria for the scholarship as well as how to apply for the scholarship.  


     We appreciate your feedback and suggestions in the recent counseling needs survey.  The top two choices parents wanted us to cover in the career planning unit are: time-management/organizational skills and Study skills.  We will be adding these two areas to our curriculum for sophomores and juniors 

    The top three workshops/information sessions that parents mentioned were College/career prep, scholarship/financial aid and kindness/respecting others.

    We will be addressing the college/career prep and scholarship/financial aid info in the upcoming senior parent/student meeting on Sept. 19th.  We have created a Kindness committee last year and plan to have 2 weeks of activities-both in fall and spring.

    The following checklist will keep you informed and up to date about planning the senior year.  Also, we have included a list of dates of various events, college visits and test administrations. 


                                                            To do in September and October


    • Confirm parent’s email address and student name to 

                cheryltroutman@sevier.org  A-G     jennifermize@sevier.org  H-O bethanyschultz@sevier.org  P-Z   

                We may have your email if you gave it to us at the junior parent night in the spring.

    • Review the scholarship list each time it is available-usually every1-2 months.  

    • Use notebook/binder to keep educational information and planning, include:

                Master calendar with test dates; fees; due dates for application and financial aid:

                copies of the completed school applications, and financial aid information   

    • Focus on your top 3-4 school choices and begin scheduling college visits.  Visits to technical schools and cosmetology schools are also included in the 2 excused absences for every senior for college visits.

    • Pick up a college visit form before visiting the school, from the counseling office.

    • Apply to schools that interest you.  Most all schools want you to apply on-line.  There is normally an application fee along with the application.

    • If you plan on attending the Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) next year, you can go on a field trip in the fall  Some of the programs are: autobody, drafting/CAD technology, diesel powered equipment technology, medical assistant, cosmetology, auto mechanics, welding, etc. Students will be 

    given a permission form and details at that time.  All the programs in the school will be paid for through the TN Promise-it is free if you apply to TN Promise and maintain eligibility..                                                                                                              

    • Request a transcript to be sent to the school after applying to the school.  In order to request your transcript, students need to go to parchment.com and create an account with a code given to you by your counselor, so he/she needs to see their counselor and pick up a form with the code.  Students will also be able to create/login their account on the Senior Sign-up day on Oct. 23rd (details below)                                                                                                              

    • Attend college fairs:  This year there will be a Sevier County wide college fair for all of the five high schools.  It will be held on Thursday Sept 26th  in the morning at Pigeon Forge High School.  The students will be bused to and from PFHS. More information will be available later next month.  There will be several out of state schools as well as unique schools in attendance. Parents are welcome at the fair.  There are usually 45-50 schools represented.  

    • Sept. 19th-- Senior parent night from 6:00-7:15pm in the SHS auditorium. There will be large group meeting in the auditorium to discuss the senior year for all students and parents.  The group meeting will end around 6:25 and then there will be 3 groups beginning at 6:30 in different locations for three types of post-secondary schools:  3 groups are-- 2 year colleges (represented by Walters State) 4 year colleges (represented by UTK) and TCAT-Tennessee College of Applied Technology-(described above).  TN Promise will be addressed in the large meeting and details in 2 year meeting. Their website is www.tnpromise.gov if you want more information before the meeting and want to go ahead and apply. You would create an account at the TSAC portal then apply after doing so. Also, students can sign up for TN Promise on Senior sign-up day Oct 23rd.                                                       

    • The state implemented the “ACT Senior Retake Opportunity.”  All seniors have an additional time to take the ACT for free.  It will be Oct. 1st at SHS-you do not sign up for it-they will sign up at the school. Two resources to help study for the ACT are academy.act. (free online practice) and the ACT study book that was given to all juniors last year The 1,471 ACT practice questions developed by The Princeton Review.   We suggest that students take the ACT at least 3 times before graduating.  Some schools superscore the ACT and use it to determine scholarships. Some schools do not superscore.  Deadlines for additional ACT and SAT are found in the upcoming dates. 

    • Ask teachers for recommendations if requested for scholarships and or school applications.  Pick up a letter request form in the counseling office if needed. Give them at least one –two weeks notice.

    • Create a fafsa ID now to use as your personal identification and electronic signature when you complete the FAFSA online in October.  Both student and a parent need to have their own ID so both need to create one. Go to www.fsaid.ed.gov to create your ID. The FAFSA is the financial aid form which is used for eligibility as well as the Hope Lottery Scholarship.  If you plan on attending any post-secondary school, you must create a FSA ID and complete the FAFSA. 

    • October 23rd -- Fafsa Frenzy Night from 6:00-8:00pm at SHS-Opportunity to complete and submit the Fafsa if you need help or have questions.  There will be admission reps there to help in the process. The earlier you submit the Fafsa the better chance of getting need based funds. Each family will have their own personal computer provided by the library or their child’s chromebook and help will be available that evening to parents and students who want to complete and submit the fafsa that evening. It usually takes  1 - 1½ hours to complete. Light refreshments will be available. Let your counselor know if you want to reserve a computer.

                         Students and their parents should bring (if available): 

                                 □ 2018 Federal Tax Return or other income documentation (parent and student) 

                                 □ Social Security number(s) 

                                 □ Driver’s license (if any)  

                                 □ 2018 W-2 Forms or year-end pay stubs and other year-end records of money received 

                                 □ 2018 untaxed income records, such as child support received and veterans noneducation


                                 □ Current information on checking and savings account balances; stock, bond, and other

                                    investments; and business and farm assets 

                                 □ Your alien registration card (if you are not a U.S. citizen)                                   

                                 □ Student and parent FSA IDs to sign the FAFSA. (Apply for your FSA ID at fsaid.ed.gov.)

    • Pick up a scholarship book for Sevier County in the counseling office after Sept. 20th if you cannot attend the September parent meeting.

    • Ask parents to check with their employer to see if they have scholarships.

    • Conduct a free scholarship search using www.fastweb.com and www.scholarships.com.  Once completed, it will give due date, criteria of scholarship, amount of scholarship, and website for more details.

    • Students who think they are in the top 10% must come by their counselor’s office and confirm after Sept. 13th.  We will have ranking completed and students need to make sure they have their blue top 10% form signed by parent by the 13th as well.   It is the student’s responsibility to let your counselor know if they are trying for top 10% or if they have retaken a class to increase their GPA and/or ranking. Any student wanting to retake a class for a better grade and be considered for top 10% or Valedictorian position must have a plan in place for the fall. Only those students who have retaken the needed classes as well as the students who are on track for top 10%/Valedictorian position in the fall will be considered for yearbook, valedictorian /salutatorian, etc.


                Let us know how we can help your teenager with their senior year plans.  We look forward to working

                with them.


                Ms. Troutman   A-G Ms. Mize    H-O Ms. Schultz   P-Z


                                           Upcoming events and dates 

    Now   ------Apply for TN Promise at www.tnpromise.gov if your teenager wants to attend a

                       community college or TCAT (2 years free tuition)

    Now   ------UTK admission application is available on line at - $50.00  https://admissions.utk.edu/vip/  (We  would advise

                       using the VIP portal rather than the Common Application when applying to UTK). UTK will notify students

                       early of acceptance if they applied early-usually in September and October.

    Now   ------Create your FSA ID and parent ID at www.fsaid.ed.gov to use for fafsa in Oct.

    Aug. 29---- Sept./October scholarship list should be available (parent emails, and picking up in counseling office)

           . 30-----Vacation-No school

    Sept. 2------Holiday –No school

           . 6-----  SAT registration deadline for SAT test on October 5(collegeboard.com

             9-----  Maryville College rep set up in conference room in counseling office (students drop by during his/her lunch)

           11------Senior retake pictures

           13------Students confirm Top 10%, ranking and GPA list on large board in counseling office

           19----- Senior parent & student meeting-6:00-7:15 pm /SHS Auditorium (large meeting-then break into 3 smaller)

           20------Deadline for Oct. 26th ACT test (act.org)  

           26------College Fair at PFHS (permission forms can be picked up week of Sept.10th)

     Oct. 1 ------First day you can complete the fafsa online-Go to www.fafsa.gov (do not use any site that asks you to pay)

             1------Senior ACT retake in morning at SHS-students will register at school

             2------Report card

             3 -----Parent /teacher conference 3:30-6:30

             3------Deadline to register for the November 2nd SAT

             5------SAT National  test

             7------TN Promise meeting for all seniors during day at 1:30 (seniors only)

     Oct. 7-10--- Kindness Week

             9-------ASVAB (military multitude test battery) given at SHS-sign up in counseling office-mid Sept.

    Oct. 11 &14-  Fall break

            21--25--College Knowledge and Application Week-various activities to promote post-secondary schools/training

            23-------Senior sign-up day--all seniors will sign up for various programs, scholarships, FAFSA etc. during 1 class

                         block throughout the day

           23--------FAFSA FRENZY-- 6:00-8:00 Parents sign up  in SHS library( you can use your teenager’s chromebook or

                         one of our computers in the library (email counselor if need to reserve one)

    Oct. 26-------ACT National test

    Nov. 1--------TN Promise deadline to apply