A Message From Dr. Bennett

  • Highlanders,

    I am very excited to welcome you to Gatlinburg-Pittman Junior High. Please check out our new school Twitter page @GPJHhighlanders or school Facebook page, which will update you on school information.

    Incoming 9th Grade Students: Contact our school guidance office to schedule a time to virtually meet with Mr. Bohanon. Participation in many extracurricular activities has already begun.  If you are interested in participating in the following fall season extracurricular activities, please reach out to the coach/director as soon as possible.

    Band - Taylor Franklin - taylorfranklin@sevier.org
    Cheer - Dr. Katie Moore - katiemoore@sevier.org
    Color Guard - Taylor Franklin - taylorfranklin@sevier.org
    Cross Country - Brian Hardison - brianhardison@sevier.org
    Football - Brad Waggoner - bradfordwaggoner@sevier.org
    Girls Soccer - Caleb Keener - calebkeener@sevier.org
    Golf - Paige Yates - paigeyates@sevier.org
    Volleyball - Hagen Sims - hagensims@sevier.org

    Incoming 7th and 8th Grade Students: After July 5th, many of our extracurricular activities will begin to practice.  Please go ahead and communicate with the coach/director if you are interested in participating.

    Band - Taylor Franklin - taylorfranklin@sevier.org
    Boys Basketball - Brian Jessie - brianjessie@sevier.org
    Cheer - Dr. Leigh Anne Parton - leighanneparton@sevier.org or kennedybrandenburg@sevier.org
    Football - Bobby Owens - bobbyowens@sevier.org or bradfordwaggoner@sevier.org
    Girls Basketball - Alex Bowers - alexbowers@sevier.org
    Girls Volleyball - Melissa Weiss - melissaweiss@sevier.org

    While I have met several of you, I look forward to getting to know all of you!  Please email me at ajbennett@sevier.org if you have any questions.  See you soon!

    Go Highlanders!
    Dr. Bennett