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    Framework and Protocols for Reopening Schools

  • Leadership teams within the Sevier County School System have been working toward the development of reopening plans for the upcoming school year in an effort to address the uncertainties that have been ushered by the COVID-19 public health pandemic.  Stakes are high as we navigate through the massive amount of local and state policies and recommendations with information that is often changing.  While our goal is to create a flexible plan that meets the needs of all students, families, and staff, it will be an immensely difficult task where change should be expected based on the needs in our community and the recommendations of local and state officials.  As we have worked to develop and refine our plan for 2020-21, our commitment remains strong in improving the quality of education and outcomes for each of our students, both academically and non-academically. We stand committed to focusing on the things that matter most to our students--providing them with access to a high-quality curriculum and a 21st century skill set that will open windows of opportunity for their future successes.

    As the Sevier County Schools leadership team has been preparing for re-entry in the 2020- 2021 school year, we have been reading and reviewing multiple documents and toolkits. We have structured our leadership to plan in the following key areas: School Operations (cafeteria, custodial, maintenance), School Health, Academics, Transportation.

    In preparation for the 2020-2021 school year, our district and school leaders continue to remain mindful of our beliefs and vision for the Sevier County School System.

    We believe that the Sevier County School System should be a place where policies, procedures, and practices are aligned to maximize student learning and promote the achievement of system goals.  The Sevier County School System should be a place where all students have the following opportunities:

    • To be safe and thrive in a culturally diverse environment
    • To have access to training in the latest technologies
    • To be motivated by highly effective teachers to reach their full potential
    • To receive quality data-driven instruction that facilitates the use of resources beyond the classroom
    • To develop confidence and positive self-concepts through the collaboration of parents, staff, peers, and community members
    • To be exposed to a variety of quality learning experiences, rich in their diversity, that promote the development of well rounded individuals
    • To develop the skills necessary to enter the workforce or to be college or career ready

    Additionally, it is the CDC, Tennessee Department of Education toolkits, and local and state health departments and officials whose guidance for reopening schools provides the Sevier County School System with the most important details. As we plan for next year, we are looking to promote behaviors that reduce the spread of illness, maintain practices that support a safe and healthy environment, and prepare for appropriate protocol during surges of infection.