• Director of Schools: Dr. Jack A. Parton

    Principal: Greg Haggard

    Assistant Principal: Mike Latham

    Assistant Principal: Jacob Quilliams

    Assistant Principal: Brandi Stallings


    Address: 732 Boyds Creek Highway, Seymour, Tennessee 37865

    Telephone: 865-577-7040

    Fax Front Office/Attendance: 865-609-6819

    Fax Guidance/Records: 865-579-1492


    Message from Our Principal

    Dear SHS Parent/Guardian(s) and Student(s):

    Welcome to Seymour High School and the 2021-2022 school year. A key component to the success of our students and school is clear communication between the school and home. This is not intended to be a complete list of every rule or guideline, but rather a general outline of policies and procedures for smooth operation of our school. Many instances have unique circumstances, making it impossible to have a policy for every situation. These guidelines, tempered with good judgement and common sense, serve as the basis to make time at Seymour High School pleasant and rewarding for students, staff, and parents.

    The administration, faculty, and staff of SHS are excited about the beginning of another school year. If I can be of any assistance throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact me.



    Greg Haggard



    Seymour High School Mission

    Seymour High School’s mission is to provide a learning environment where students receive a rigorous, quality education aligned with the Tennessee State Standards while feeling safe, supported, and encouraged. With the help of our families and community, we strive to motivate our students to become efficient learners and effective communicators who are prepared for their worldwide endeavors.


    Seymour High School Vision

    Seymour High School will encourage students to build individual strengths, improve self-discipline, foster personal growth, and develop a sense of community.


    Our Eagle Beliefs

    We, the students of Seymour High School, believe we have the responsibility to:

    • Capitalize on the educational opportunities designed to prepare us for both present and future endeavors
    • Develop the attributes and characteristics that will enable us to pursue our individual goals
    • Seize the academic, personal, and social opportunities that Seymour High School and our community has to offer us

    We, the teachers at Seymour High School, believe we have the responsibility to:

    • Provide our students with an opportunity for an appropriately challenging education designed to help each student
    • Establish a safe learning environment which fosters the development of the traits and characteristics necessary
    • Support as many of the student’s individual needs as our expertise and resources will allow students to fulfill their potential to be successful academically, personally, and socially. We, the stakeholders for Seymour High School, believe we have the responsibility to:
    • Support the programs necessary for the success of our students
    • Invest the time and resources needed to facilitate the academic, personal, and social growth of each individual
    • Assist our partners in education in the process of encouraging out students to recognize and take their place in our local and global communities