Final Set of At-Home Learning Packets

  • In order to make it easier for you to access your child’s new “At Home” learning packets, the following links have been made available by the Sevier County School System for students in grades K-12. The Sevier County School System is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities. If you or your child have issues related to the accessibility of the learning materials provided below, please feel free to email your child’s principal regarding alternative formats. Contact information can be found on your child's school website or through our school directory page.

  • Kindergarten

  • 1st Grade

  • 2nd Grade

  • 3rd Grade

  • 4th Grade

  • 5th Grade

  • 6th Grade

  • 7th Grade

  • 8th Grade

  • High School (9-12)

Directions for Accessing At Home Learning Packets Online

  • Access At Home Learning Packets from ClassLink (Preferred)

  • Access At Home Learning Packets from Google Drive

Online Resources for Students

  • ClassLink