Welcome to Sevier County High School

  • During the next four years, you will have many opportunities to begin building a happy and successful future.  During your time with us, our staff will be working with you and your parents to assure that your academic and extracurricular activities are laying the groundwork for your future. 

    You will find that when you make a commitment to your future academic success in school, your grades will reflect your efforts.  You will need to adjust to the academic demands of high school, and to the freedom and responsibilities of being a student at SCHS.  If you attend regularly, do your best classroom work, and behave in a responsible manner, your success will be assured.

    At Sevier County High School, it is important for each student to prepare for his or her future. This preparation includes an educational pathway that is reviewed each year to meet his/her academic goals. 

     At Sevier County High School it is the responsibility of students and parents or guardians to exercise the initiative in developing the student's educational plan.  The school counselors are available to help each student review, modify, redirect, and/or complete this plan.  School counselors assess each plan every year during the months of February and March.  Teachers are available to answer questions about their course offerings and to help evaluate the student's ability to perform effectively in specific subject areas.  It is important that students select courses that are meaningful and challenging and that students be realistic in their course selection.  The staff at SCHS feels that the successful completion of an education plan is a joint effort by faculty, staff, parents and/or guardians, and students.  GRADUATION IS THE GOAL FOR EACH STUDENT.  Hopefully, this book will provide useful information to help each student reach this goal.

Feeling Like You Belong

  • There are many chances to become involved at SCHS.  A wide variety of clubs meets once each month.  We have choir, drama, and band, which meet during and after school.  You will also have the chance to participate in athletics, including golf, football, cross country, volleyball, soccer, swimming, basketball, bowling, wrestling, water polo, tennis, track, softball, baseball, lacrosse, dance, and cheerleading.  When you join clubs and try out for sports, you make new friends and become a part of our SCHS team.  No matter what school you have come from, you are now a “SMOKY BEAR”!