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PEN Tutoring offered for GPHS Students

PEN (Peer Education Network) Tutoring is a program in which students that are experts in one or more subjects tutor other students who need help. This program is beneficial for anyone in need of academic assistance at any level. 


If your student is struggling in a class, a little behind due to an extended absence, or just simply wants to try and raise their ACT score by a point or two, PEN tutoring is the perfect place to get help.  

The program is completely free of charge and is mutually beneficial for both the student and the tutors. Our tutors are able to deepen their understanding of class materials by tutoring students all while earning community service hours. 

PEN tutoring meets before school in the cafeteria from 7:25-7:55 and after school in room 209 from 3:10-3:40.

Sponsor: Zackary Norwood

Zackary Norwood