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Premium Chocolate Bar Fundraiser






We are SUPER-EXCITED about our NEW CHOCOLATE BAR fundraiser that will be starting on FEBRUARY 18TH.  Many of you have been asking about when this would start and it is fast approaching!  We believe this is going to be the BEST fundraising sale EVER!

Why Are We Having This Fundraiser?

Most parents understand that schools like ours do not get ALL of the funding we need to purchase items we EVERY DAY for our school.  It is up to the individual school to raiser the money on their own.

For this fundraiser, we hope to raise enough money to purchase furniture items requested by teacher for their classrooms to enhance your child's learning experiences.

So, can you PLEASE participate and commit to selling at least 1 CARRIER? (30 chocolate bars are in a carrier)  You sell them for only $2.00 each.  If you sell more than 1 carrier, that would be GREAT!

Consider people or places that would be interested like yourselves, grandparents, family, friends, area businesses, churches, etc.  Many parents help out and take a carrier of PREMIUM CHOCOLATE BARS to work with them and sell a bunch there.

Our goal is 100% participation.  So, let's ALL pitch in and get on the same TEAM and have a VERY successful and quick fundraiser.

So, PLEASE fill out the attached PERMISSION SLIP so your child can participate in this fundraiser.  We cannot check out any carriers without this signed permission slip.

Thank you for your support.

Dr. Rene' H. Walker, School Principal