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5th Grade School Supply List

* If you would like to buy extra as a donation for the classroom, items marked with * are of greatest need.

Clear or Mesh Backpack


3 packs wide-ruled paper*

3 packs #2 pencils (12 count or more)*

Durable 3 ring binder (2in or larger) (zipper or velcro)

4 spiral notebooks*

Post-It Notes (any size or color)

1 pencil pouch

12 count Crayola crayons

1 pair of scissors

3 boxes of tissue*

1 roll paper towels

Earbuds or Headphones (Dollar tree)

1 pack pencil top erasers

2 containers Clorox wipes*

2 glue sticks

2 4-pack dry erase markers*

1 pack highlighters*

Combination lock (no key locks)

In addition - If you would like to make a donation to the classroom the items listed below would be greatly appreciated:

Full size white poster board

Ziploc bags (any size)