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Rho Kappa Club

Pigeon Forge High School is proud to host one of the only nineteen Rho Kappa chapters in the entire state of Tennessee and the only one in Sevier County! Rho Kappa is a nationally recognized honor society that recognizes excellence in the field of Social Studies. While academic criteria must be met, it is civic participation that really sets Rho Kappa’s members apart from other organizations. Members of PFHS Rho Kappa have participated in a wide array of activities, from celebrating federal holidays with school-wide events to hosting mock elections and assisting with voter registration. Some members even sat in the jury box at an actual trial at the Howard H. Baker Jr. Federal Courthouse! But perhaps the most meaningful experience that Rho Kappa has been involved with is the hosting of a naturalization ceremony at Pigeon Forge High School.


On Friday, October 19, 2018 Pigeon Forge High School hosted a naturalization ceremony where about 50 people from several different nations officially became U.S. citizens. Rho Kappa members helped plan, organize, and execute the naturalization ceremony.. Our own gymnasium was even transformed into an official courtroom with the Honorable Judge Pamela Reeves presiding! Speakers included Principal Benjamin Clabo and former Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Gary Wade. Those being inducted took the oath of citizenship together as their family and friends as well as some select PFHS students watched. This emotional and inspiring moment was able to take place at PFHS because of Rho Kappa’s hard work. From welcoming our guests in the lobby, to witnessing the empowering ceremony, to congratulating our newest citizens during the post-ceremony reception, this Rho Kappa  endeavour was a huge success.