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Supply Lists (1st - 3rd Grade & Junior Primary) for 2021-2022


  • Each child’s teacher will have their own supply list.
  • Please do not purchase any other items until you know what your child’s teacher requires.
  • No trapper keepers.

Clear or mesh backpack

1-Boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons

2-Pair of Fiskar scissors

1-Pack pencil top erasers

1- 6-8 Pack of large glue sticks

1-Pack of Ticonderoga or USA Gold pencils

2-Rolls of paper towels

2-Boxes of Kleenex

2-Clorox wipes

2-Bottles of GermX hand sanitizer

1-Box of Band-Aids


  • Some of these supplies will be shared within the classroom/community property
  • Please make sure pencils are made in the USA. Other pencils do not sharpen as well in manual or electric pencil sharpeners.

Again, each classroom teacher will have their own extended supply list.  This is simply a general list of items that will be used.  Your teacher will supply their list either in an August letter or on Orientation Night.