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External Wireless Access Points

External Wireless Access Points to Benefit Students

External Wireless Access Points for Students The Sevier County School System is happy to announce the completed installation of external wireless access points outside of schools around the county for the benefit of students who need a speedy, reliable internet connection to upload and download digital materials for their remote learning coursework.

Schools where access points have been installed include Boyds Creek Elementary School, Catons Chapel Elementary School, Catlettsburg Elementary School, Gatlinburg-Pittman Junior High School (the original GPHS building), Jones Cove Elementary School, New Center Elementary School, Northview Academy School, Northview Primary School, Parkway Academy School, Pi Beta Phi Elementary School, Pigeon Forge Senior High School, Pigeon Forge Intermediate School, Pigeon Forge Primary School, Pittman Center Elementary School, Sevier County High School, Sevierville Intermediate School, Sevierville Primary School, Seymour Senior High School, and Wearwood Elementary School.

While not every school has an access point as we did not duplicate access at schools that are in close proximity, every community is represented.  Most access points are located at or very near the school's main entrance, though there are some exceptions where the building layout prevents this from being the most accessible location.  Parents with questions regarding locating the best spots for reception are encouraged to call schools to get specific details.  Students do not have to travel to their home school to utilize an access point, but can instead connect at the school nearest their home.  Students will be able to select "SCBECloud" from the list of available WiFi Networks in the wireless connection settings on their Chromebooks to get started.  Parents are encouraged to allow their students to utilize these access points outside of school hours to reduce traffic and ensure ample opportunity to connect without interruption.

Dr. Jack Parton indicated that, "Newly installed wireless access points at schools around our county will provide quick, reliable internet connectivity for remote learners as they undertake their coursework.  We are proud to offer our students this option to assist families who may not have this kind of access otherwise, and we believe it will be of great benefit to them."