Welcome to the Sevier County School System! We understand that as a school district we must make every effort to challenge each child to achieve to his or her greatest potential. It is essential that parents, educators and the community work together to prepare Sevier County's children for a bright future. We hope you find this website a useful resource in our partnership to prepare students to be college and career ready. We have included links to each of our schools as well as information about curriculum standards, instructional programs, and other various resources that we hope you will find useful.

District News & Information

ACT Performance

The Sevier County School System received good news in the most recent release of ACT score
reports. The school district has continued to demonstrate improvement in ACT performance since 2012. In each of those years, the school district’s composite has been above the state average composite. Sevier County’s ACT composite increased three-tenths of a point in 2016 to 20.6 which exceeds the state composite of 19.9. Tennessee is one of only 18 states that requires all students to take the test. Tennessee’s goal is to raise the average composite to a 21 in alignment with the national average and Sevier County is within striking distance of meeting the national average.
Upcoming Events

November 8, 2016
Inservice Day

November 9, 2016
2nd Six Weeks Ends

November 11, 2016
Vacation Day

November 14, 2016
Board Meeting @ 4:30

November 18, 2016
Grade Card Distribution

November 23, 2016
Half Day for Students

November 24-25, 2016