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Sevier County Family Resource Center Home

Family Resource Center


Provides Information:


  • Community Resources
  • Family Advocacy 
  • Infant/Early Childhood Development
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Parenting Resources
  • Referral Assistance
  • Senior Resources
  • Substance Abuse
  • Teen Pregnancy


Educational Programs & Assistance:


  • Community & School Health Fairs
  • Community Resources
  • Family & Parenting Information
  • Inservices
  • Social Service Linkage


Service Agency Partners:


  • Colleges
  • Senior Programs/Agencies
  • Counseling Centers
  • Sevier Co. Health Dept.
  • Dept. Children’s Services
  • Sevier Co. Health Improvement Council
  • Dept. Human Services
  • Sevier Co. School System:
  • HeadStart
  • Adult High School
  • Housing Authorities
  • H.S. Transition Coordinator
  • LeConte Medical Center
  • Parent Engagement Coordinator
  • Mountain Hope Clinic
  • School Counselors/Nurses
  • Police Departments
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Public Libraries
  • UT Extension Program

About Us

The purpose of the Sevier County Family Resource Center is to help families by combining family, school and community resources. This can be done by helping families deal effectively with problems through linkage to health and social services. We also facilitate referrals to parenting workshops that support parents with developing a skillset to help with their child's behavior and development. 


The Sevier County Family Resource Center is organized, founded and dedicated to serving all families in Sevier County since 1995.  The primary mission of the FRC is to provide resources and/or facilitate services for all families and children to improve the quality of life in Sevier County.

Contact / Resources

Dr. Shannon Sullivan, Director
Sevier County Family Resource Center
324 Cedar Street
Sevierville, TN 37862